Earwax removal service

Feeling Blocked up with wax and can’t wait to be seen by your GP? You don't have to wait weeks for your appointment. We can remove wax with micro suction, water or Micropic.

You can also come in for a consultation with one of our audiologists for a professional opinion and advice.

Ear Wax Removal is £55 for one or both ears. Our Consultation fee is £12.

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How We Remove Earwax

We are often asked if the wax will come out on its own or if Hoppi candles can remove the wax .

The honest answer to these questions is probably not and a definite NO!

We only use professional methods – no smoke and mirrors here!

Our Audiologists and Hearing care assistants will remove the wax the safest way possible for each individual case and show you a scan afterwards to confirm a clean canal and healthy eardrum.


Microsuction is a safe and comfortable method of ear wax removal. The small suction tube is guided around the inside of the ear canal by a small canula avoiding contacy with the sensitive canal skin. Wax is removed safely and comfortable with minimal risk of complication.*

Water Irrigation

A more traditional system of ear wax removal, water irrigation has moved on since the days of a large syringe and a kidney dish. We use NHS trained staff and NHS equipment. The Propulse irrigator uses temperature regulated warm water to gently melt the wax from the canal. The system takes slightly longer but can often be relied on with stubborn, hard or compacted canals.*


The audiologist will use a hand held (not hand help)! video otoscope while using specially adapted (not adapter) picks and “Jobson Horne” probes to gently remove stubborn ear canal. This system is often used on clients with a mix of hardened and softened cerumen in the same ear canal.*

*As with all medical procedures, there is a level of risk associated. The professional will advise a method of removal and conduct an examination. Prior to wax removal, a questionnaire will also need to be filled out and a signature acknowledging the risks will be required.

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