Custom Mould, Maximum Protection

Custom fit hearing devices provide an individual and unique fit with guaranteed levels of protection. Produced from silicone free or laser impressions of your own ears, custom fit hearing devices are made from soft, medical-grade materials so users can wear them for longer than standard earplugs, with greater levels of protection. They’re specially designed to only fit your own unique ear shape for a better, more comfortable fit.

There are a variety of options from general use to specialised products for specific purposes, available in a choice of colours. Custom hearing protection is available from just £90 per pair. Ask in-store for details.

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Our Process

Traditionally, medical professionals would use methods such as irrigation, ear syringing, or candling to remove an earwax build-up. We avoid these methods as they can cause additional complications to your ear health, such as infections, tinnitus, and damage to the eardrum.

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